Warmth peeks under eyelids Seeks toes and stomachs As night slips beneath covers To hide from the light of day Buttons pushed, reboot successful Gentle whirring into morning Playful smiles engaged, lovely eyes Download module: thankful Special code: patience Perimeter for love: set Perimeter for strength: set Perimeter for heart: set Boundaries intact and ready…


It’s very simply the way he is. This picture embodies his personality. He is joy. He is my person and he makes me smile and laugh multiple times daily.


The moment was magic Erasing every little doubt Like a lighthouse beaming Peering deep into the dark The ghosts stopped haunting And the devils stood in awe For there was no other alive Not ever To silence her darkness With one little smile


His world shaped itself around me His shoulders Strengthened me His embrace Held my peace His gaze Held my wonder And his lips Whispered My history to bed And sung My future into being His world shaped itself Beautifully into mine.


I’ve always felt like a small piece Like there is a place waiting For the exact right shape To fit within its little void I feel a part of the sun Of the swaying trees Of the raging storms And the crashing sea A part of so many things But never fully have I fit…


The days slowly crawl From sunrise to sunset The same words echo Until they fall silent The sky mourns us With determined drops That fall heavy Even maybe a bit angry At our solitude Because Even heaven understands Our torment at being apart


  For now… I close my eyes And imagine I don’t feel the sting Of your absence The thousand miles Of dotted lines On asphalt roads The distance searching And measuring the space From here to there From me to you For now… I close my eyes And imagine It’s you I feel Stealing my…


My heart begs to be claimed Staked by the notice of you The heaviness of the world Seeks to destroy the rhythm And the universe cares not Of its small morse code voice Yet your attention is craved Above that of all the stars Above that and so much more


The spirits walk through walls They hover over our anxiety And they wrap our limbs Into the most complicated knots The emotions swell and spiral As the silence begins to breathe And the chairs… they squeak And the beds… they rustle And the bedsheets… they tangle And our fists bang on walls And our guts…