His world shaped itself around me His shoulders Strengthened me His embrace Held my peace His gaze Held my wonder And his lips Whispered My history to bed And sung My future into being His world shaped itself Beautifully into mine.


It’s known that hurting people hurt other people. Intentionally and unintentionally. Your traumas will always be a part of you but you get to decide how you carry them. Do you learn from them? Do you let them change you into a better more loving, compassionate, and giving person? Or do you carry them in…


I’ve always felt like a small piece Like there is a place waiting For the exact right shape To fit within its little void I feel a part of the sun Of the swaying trees Of the raging storms And the crashing sea A part of so many things But never fully have I fit…


The days slowly crawl From sunrise to sunset The same words echo Until they fall silent The sky mourns us With determined drops That fall heavy Even maybe a bit angry At our solitude Because Even heaven understands Our torment at being apart


I saw a butterfly/moth on my bedroom window screen. It was beautiful. I’m glad for the day. For the steps I’ll take. For my daughter and for my person. For my family and friends. Recognizing the beauty in the day. That’s hard for some of us. It takes practice. Today I am finding beauty in…