When you are depressed you are afraid to speak. Fear of being ignored, rejected, and/or ridiculed. Fear you will be a burden or judged. The fear is real and it isn’t just a whisper but a tornado of thoughts bombarding you with lies that make you feel completely worthless, pointless, and/or useless. It is a disease not a mindset. It is painful and it hurts. I scream at walls because they can’t confirm the lies inside my head.


11 thoughts on “IGNORED

  1. I’m too tired to scream at walls
    And I’m too tired to cry
    Too exhausted to break my falls
    Too weary to wonder why

    I’m too worn out to carry on
    Too lacklustre to care
    If I stop trying to move along
    Will you, will you be there?


  2. Love this. And I especially love the picture, everything about it, The colors, the design.
    I don’t love the subject matter. But I love you. Enormously. If in any small way that enters your heart and keeps it company, then I’m happy. xoxoxoxo


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