If you meant the words you spoke
Wouldn’t I feel them somehow?
So far gone I couldn’t hear you anyhow
Mouth moving, hands jumping
My fingers touched your lips…stop
Eyes begged you to find someone else

I strip off all that the world offers
The earrings you bought
To match our wedding ring
The necklace pendant
Hanging on a silver string
Black leather pants studded
With red patent louboutins
My black half shirt scrawled
In reflective cursive script
With more truth
Than we can freely speak
“No Fucks Given”

Now naked and bare
But for the makeup
Ruby red lipstick smeared
Just proof I’ve been your clown
In this circus of insanity
Wearing us down
I walk into the street
Where the sunset warms the ground
And I lie down, “no fucks given”

This asphalt feels so good, warm
As cars zig zag around me… honking
As I melt into the tar, begging
The earth to just take me back
From the earth I came… right?
Then let’s get on with it…

25 thoughts on “NONE GIVEN

  1. I’ve been trying to say something sensible
    Something which makes any degree of sense
    Or rationalises or just even taps into
    The whatever it is which is here
    But I can’t because in many ways
    I can only agree that sometimes
    is the thing.

    I do it with the ocean,
    If you need to, use earth
    But get back to what’s important
    Get back to YOU.

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    • And just like that you are more you than even you realize 🙂 And in a world of good words and compliments these words mean more because these words are spoken with the most heartfelt intention…you are my favorite you of all.

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  2. Why roads and tales find a moment inside places, when I read the poetry where you challenge your perspective. Where crowns meet, they can run like water, free to skip across table drains on busy lonely roads, as they wait while vanishing headlights fade beneath a night’s trees in tall grass, thinking about a lonely wild, between a straight’s bends and an undulating time’s escape.

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  3. Beauty out of pain – transformation — shedding of symbols no longer holding the same meaning — being absorbed in the Earth only to rise again like the Phoenix from the fire or, perhaps a flowering tree from the soil is more appropriate. And a new patterning and unity already taking shape I see, and celebrate.


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