PROMPT- Write a love letter to poetry

Poetry taught me to listen to my own tears. Decipher why I felt what I felt. It helped me hold onto myself during my darkest fights with depression.

If you could write a love letter to poetry what would it say? Feel free to write one and leave a link to it in my comment section. I’d love to read it.

You were the words

Bubbling to the surface

The fight inside my bones

The breath I tried to hold

The smile I searched to find

You flowed like electricity

When the darkness came

Rushing to the surface

Feeding me the lines

Helping me to communicate

The S.O.S faithfully typed

From impulse to redemption

The white flag I waved

When I felt like I was sinking

I owe you my life in many ways

But I owe you my gratitude

For you saved me

When I had no idea I needed it

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