For awhile I held on to the belief things would be ok.  I felt I knew you well enough and you knew me… and somehow we meant enough… and we would be ok.   I may wonder, now and then, where I would be now if we had never met; but I never wish we had never been because I learned so much about myself having known you. I know now that closure is a lost opportunity for me and only time can write the ending to those chapters filled with you and me.  Time didn’t heal my wounds but time erased the pain they caused and I only hope that if you had wounds yours feel no pain at all.


I never see you anymore
That’s the way it was planned
But I think of you often
Inside moments totally unplanned

I smile because of you
More moments than I can count
And the times I cried
Those frowns I try hard to uncount

I loved how connected we were
Our friendship I never justified
And all my fears about us
Were completely unjustified

I hate how my insecurities
Ruined the world we had created
I wish every day since then
This reality could be uncreated

But this is where we are; without
Many yesterdays, today, and forevermore
A place where only the past remains
And only a blank void fills our nevermore

18 thoughts on “OLD FRIENDS

  1. Closure sometimes seems unattainable in those situations when you struggle to accept the new and unwanted reality. ❤ Loved these words more than you could ever know, my friend. We must talk soon. Very soon.

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  2. Beautiful and poignant. It saddens me as I feel our friendship is…I dunno… withering on the vine. But the metamorphosis may one day yeild something far greater. You know you are my favorite. Shine on, my dear friend!❤❤❤


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