SLOW MOTION by Hastywords

Infects her thoughts
Holding her hostage
Screening and erasing
Her cries for help
Riddles her with angst
Constantly chastising
Rendering her helpless
To its mindless chatter
Hijacks her emotions
Running high speed
Full throttled attack
Beating her senseless
Sends in its battalion
Of whispering ants
Surrender this day
Throw it all away
Drops crazy into place
Absorbed by her mind
And she finds her space
As darkness descends
Drapes its fog over her
And the voices stop
And the world slows
And the devil hits mute
Descends in a misty veil
Angels dressed to the nines
Blurry and out of focus
Standing just beyond
No, its upside down
Its 8mm conspiracy
Appears; a commercial break
A smooth talking salesman
Speaking like a breeze
His voice vanishing time
Opens her mouth to speak
As the salesman’s eyes
Find her like a dream
Asking to speak her mind
Reaches out with a Shhhhh
As he kisses her lips
Stealing all her cares
Before they can escape
Fades from the light
With a forked tongue
As black and white rise
From the colors of her life
Carried her for awhile
Halfway into the nevermore
Away from the light
And away from all the dark
Echoes from its tomb
Buried alive it fights
Inside her head
How is it I’m not dead?

14 thoughts on “SLOW MOTION

  1. Perhaps within us, we have this molten core like a planet, like earth, and with it comes our gravity, orbits, and an ability to push around each element like those above to maintain a sense of natural balance. Even when the buffeting and wobbles on our traverse through time and space in our lives, we can always tilt the pinball machine just enough to remain stable, well kind of; that makes no sense reading back now. My other thought, what if we could nominate and vote to remove “D” from the alphabet 🙂 Have a good weekend, Hasty…


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