The house was so dark and quiet
Not one voice was left to haunt her
She put her bag on the counter
Left the mail scattered and untouched
Undressing as she walked along
First her pants, then her silky blouse
Leaving a trail throughout her house
No matter… she said to herself
The bathroom stood empty and stark
As the switch flipped dark into light
The tub stood alone calling her
And she filled its insides with warmth
Once filled she dipped her tippy toes
To test the waters for the rest
Slowly she sunk to the bottom
Her mind blank, not thinking at all
Letting the water comfort her
Before all the voices began again

7 thoughts on “NO MATTER

  1. Sunt pe-aici, nu v-am uitat,
    Pe suflet v-am sărutat
    Somn ușor, stimați amici
    Și mai mari dar și mai mici,
    Somn ușor, din partea mea!

    I’m on here, I have not forgotten,
    On soul I kissed
    Sleep well, dear friends
    And higher and lower
    Sleep well, my part!


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