This is my second duet with TwinDaddy…aka Stuphblog and he has blown me away.  I have yet to find someone who hasn’t had poetry in their heart.  I love duets because poetry is like a puzzle of words just waiting to be solved.  TwinDaddy may have just found his true calling!  Check out his blog it is way better than reading the morning newspaper!


Written by Stuphblog and HastyWords



In the distance I hear a drum

It’s beat steady, constant, mundane,

It matches the beat, beat, beat

Of each footfall I step, step, step


I continue to walk

Attempt to isolate the sound

That distant rhythm

Is really quite close


The beat is within me

A shelter for my emotions

A home for my soul

Giving me life, giving my love


Knowledge resurrects purpose

As I set about to change it

The pattern long too familiar

A new tempo begins to emerge


It escapes my inner being

As the pace begins to quicken

It fuels the passion in my eyes

And begins to brighten every sky


Radiance blossoms

Encompassing my vision

Positivity boundless

A new leaf has been turned


A fresh outlook

An alternate purpose

Opportunity knocks

I timidly answer


And it’s my face I see

I’ve always been here

Waiting at the ready

To conquer this reality


Determination renewed

Hardened resolve

I hold my head high

And take that first step


Another step follows

And the road unfolds

Bright lights ahead

This is my future being told


10 thoughts on “TAMING THE HEART

  1. I love to write poetry included, but when it comes to commenting my fingers often freeze because mostly my brain is just smiling. So thank you for making me and my brain smile. We very much enjoyed the ride.


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