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Written by A Shade Of Pen and HastyWords

In one well-conceived moment

The bottom fell out from under me

And like a bucket of marbles

I plunged like a million different spheres

I tried to hold on to the last straw

And yet hopelessly I tumbled down

Can this fall be a new start

Of brighter days and happy smiles?

The descent seemed to last forever

And the ground I could not see

But as I passed through misty clouds

I felt the arms of serenity surround me

Diving down, I shut down my eyes

I kept feeling your presence

By the time I grazed the grounds

I knew you have been forever waiting for me

Safe once again in the comfort of your arms

I hold on to you vowing never to let you go

Even if I fall and feel abandoned

I have just to see your face to know Iโ€™m not alone

Give love a chance to grow

With promises of happy times

Our gazes lock for eternity

In the perfect moment of love

We see our own โ€œhappily ever afterโ€

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