A blogging friend passed away before Thanksgiving after a long hard fight with Cancer. He liked this poem I wrote about the life cycle of depression and it seemed a good one to say goodbye with. My prayers of comfort and peace for his wife.

RIP Dennis McHale.

Earth dropped away from feet long gone

No more structure or truth to rely on

I knocked on the doors of a million stars

Begging them to let me in

To light my path, give me a place to begin

But then the stars fell away into a dark sea

And tidal waves of gravity pulled at me

It’s consuming presence began to shove

And I wondered what more I was made of

A part of nothingness, no place to go

My absurd imagination is all I know

My ending soaked up everything

Until I gave into its melancholy flow

And then universe; it began to snow

It snowed new stars giving me light to see

The waves of gravity still pulling at me

Its consuming presence felt like love

And I found out exactly what it was made of

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