I love music. But I have to be careful with it. If I listen to sad music all day I’ll become sad. Angry music I’ll become angry. So why not always listen to happy music? Because you need balance. If you aren’t happy it could help or it could make you feel even more alone. Too much of anything can be harmful.

I know. I’m weird.

People who go through break ups invariably listen to break up songs. It feels like you have a comrade in arms. Someone going through it with you. You get the sense you are not alone.

I think depression , love, loneliness, anger, etc are the same. They all have songs. Songs that make you feel less alone.

I think there is a point though you have to be careful. A point where the music is no longer the fuel to connect but causes a type of disconnection from the world.

When I was depressed I started listening to songs that explained how I felt. They put words to feelings I had and I felt less alone. At first. There was a point where instead of helping me feel connected they made me feel more disconnected. More alone. More worthless. Because their voice WAS my voice. And there was no balance.

Words dance in the air

Music born of despair

Nothing more than fumes

A fairy Grimm burden

Waiting to be heard

Give me your weary

Your cut up and broken

Give me your holes

And the cracks untended

Give me your ghosts

Your transparent lonely

And we will dance

Until devoured

By the beats

Of another person’s soul

7 thoughts on “DEVOURED BY BEATS

  1. My life has been made up of performing music for others. Balance is truly important, and it is an awesome responsibility that rests on the performer. I have watched as my music reduces people to tears; I have seen my music bring smiles to the faces of entire crowds; I have witnessed nearly catatonic seniors transformed young, crazy dancers

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