You’ve been seen as broken and vulnerable

As a burden, as emotional, as unreliable

As irrational, as unstable, as crazy

And all have been true… sometimes

But more often than not

And I mean far more often

You’ve been none of those things

People don’t see context

They don’t care about situation

They see you cry once you’re emotional

They see you pushed to the edge

Or see you barely hanging in

You’re weak and messy

They don’t see the manipulations

The gaslighting, the broken promises

They don’t see the blatant lies

Or the intentional inconsistencies

Meant to keep you off balance

They don’t see the wisdom you’ve gained

Or the growth to overcome

You’ll always be that person who once

Defined by past actions, grace withheld

The mess society has to endure

But you don’t have to listen

To take on their descriptions

You don’t have to prove yourself

Or to play in their puppet show

You can get up and breathe

You can work and play and dream

And be the good person

You consistently aim to be

And ask yourself

Who deserves your effort

Who holds you up

2 thoughts on “WHO HOLDS YOU UP

  1. No one has constant growth. The act of living consists of movement in all directions; forward, backwards, sideways, up and down! Those who lift you up when you need it are the important people in your life. Not everyone realizes this!

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