We were friends

And I was there for you

I listened

I gave you my time

And my time was valuable

When your wife was dying

I listened

When you fell in love

I listened

When you felt like dying

I listened

When you dated

And dated and dated

I listened

When you were being deceptive

I listened

When you tried manipulating me

I listened

When you yelled at me

Called me names

Talked behind my back

And tried to break my spirit

I listened

But the moment you

Trampled on my boundaries

I was done

I don’t feel bad you’re gone

You lost a good friend

I lost some extra noise

I’ve lost many friends who didn’t value my presence in their life. Didn’t value my boundaries. My only regret… not having higher standards.

11 thoughts on “I GAINED PEACE

  1. You are so good. How unfortunate a choice that person made. Lucky friends seldom realize exactly how lucky they are. Today they’re grateful. Tomorrow they’re annoyed and abusive and critical. So long, chum buckets.

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