I’m a big fan of black and white photography. Landscapes and portraits. It’s simple and yet a complex mix of shade, of brightness and hues.

When it comes to experiences black and white just won’t do. I want bold and soft. Pastel and neon.

I want to live in a world full of colorful personalities, ideas, music, art, sound, laughter and beauty. Surrounded by it. Hugged by it. Held safe by it.

I want to see the many different blacks and the thousands of shades of white playing inside all other colors. Changing them from dark to light to dark again.

I can’t imagine a world where we can’t describe things with color. People, places, smells, and sounds made more full, more powerful, and more understood because of color.

Black and white are beautiful colors but they aren’t the only ones. Next time you laugh at a joke ask yourself… what color did your laughter sound like.

9 thoughts on “ALL THE SHADE

      • Having that example around would stimulate some different thinking. Thinking about color and laughter, I realized that the usual association is of laughter and music, but color works too. For instance, describing a bitter or sardonic laugh as dark, or perhaps more colorfully as some deep shade of a reddish hue – sad laughter as blue ( as in the blues). Lots of possibilities.

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        • Boisterous laughter as bright pink and yellow. Babies are various beautiful blue hues.

          I started to think of those that can’t see. Do they imagine colors? Do they create what they must be by the words we’ve given them? I wonder how the world is created for them.

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          • Those all fit.

            I think that for people who can’t see it depends a lot on whether they once could see, or not. I imagine that for those who have never seen, they would tend to seek descriptions in terms of touch (texture and temperature) and sound (musical tones and other sounds) or emotional states to imagine colors.

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