Outrage for Sale by Gretchen Kelly

I roll my eyes a lot. Not at people but at headlines. More often than not it’s because you can tell a person or a company is just trying to stir up shit. And it works. We fall for it.

The post I link to above is worth reading. What exactly is cancel culture? Well… it’s not about a toy potato.

Distraction. It’s something both the left and right do. The religious and the non-religious. It’s something journalists and attorneys are expert at. The art of distraction. The best way to keep people from coming together is to give them reasons to fight.

We don’t have to fall for it though.

I think people and companies have a right to do better and be better and if that means letting things and ideas become antiquated then that’s the way of things.

It’s not about being sensitive emotionally. It’s about understanding that compassion is superior.

Rarely does “cancel culture” actually cancel someone. But asks people to take responsibility for their actions, and their words.

For instance women fought for years to cancel the culture Harvey Weinstein created and he finally got held accountable. Before that happened though he had spent a ton of money trying to cancel the culture working against him.

Cancel culture in my opinion isn’t new. It’s why we don’t have sexist ads in Good Housekeeping anymore for instance.

Progress is about finding a better way.


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