My eyes traced the concrete fractures 

This is where the dread and unease 

Detonate the fear I’ve been hiding

Rough edges jagging into erratic lines

Deep, dark, wide gaps that if stepped on 

Would break your mother’s back 

And conjure an army of fiends

Of monsters and ogres, of ghosts

Cracks that if tread upon would

Open up and swallow you whole

To spit you back out a meaty skeleton

To be picked and fed upon by carrion

My eyes traced the concrete fractures

Before turning and breaking away

From this seemingly innocuous gate to hell


When I was young I was afraid of what might be in the ground below our feet. I believed that was where Hell was. I was deathly afraid of potholes and cracks in the ground.


4 thoughts on “GATE TO HELL

  1. “This” is the place we call Hell; above the cracks… The Bible states this when God specifically vanquished Satan and his cohorts to The Earth. When God first approached Lucifer about his servant Job, he first inquired of him: “What have you been doing?” Lucifer replied: “Roaming about the surface of The Earth.”


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