She fell away from me

Differently from the others

I sat watching as pieces

Fell apart then together

As she struggled earnestly

And sometimes gave up

Exhausted from the trying

She had found and built

Something solid finally

A plan, a person, a life full

So many smiles and laughs

So much beauty and love

My heart burst for her

And selfishly broke for me

Life is a balance of old and new

Sometimes we are bookmarks

Left holding pages

That everyone else has turned

Friendships. They change over time. You are either fully let it when it begins to change or you become one of those… yeah we were good friends once kinda friends.

I’ll take them both ways. It seems I am the “we were good friends once” type of friends.

5 thoughts on “WE ARE BOOKMARKS

  1. What is good when it is good is still good even when time has changed it to something else. “We were good friends once.” is the true thing when paths have diverged. Maybe it is a “Baby and Bathwater” kind of thing.


  2. We are but bookmarks in others stories, as they are in ours, as our destinies winds along their own separate paths. But when a bookmark tumbles out of an old book pristine and unwrinkled, things are unforgotten, it is like a gasp of breath from another century.

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