I saw a butterfly/moth on my bedroom window screen. It was beautiful. I’m glad for the day. For the steps I’ll take. For my daughter and for my person. For my family and friends.

Recognizing the beauty in the day. That’s hard for some of us. It takes practice.

Today I am finding beauty in all the little steps.

How many steps

From there to here

Have you stepped

Do you keep count?

On your fingers

On your toes

Inside squares

On electronic walls

Do you think about

How close you are

To that deep smile

Of a precipice

That waits to hold you?

To catch you like

A fast running river

That catches a leaf?

Patient in its magnitude

Magnificent in its capacity

Yet so unassuming

It’s nearly invisible

You know not at all

When your step… step..step

Will be one too many

Only that there is

A one too many

And yet fearlessly

Or carelessly

Or haphazardly

You continue forward

Without too much thought

About that ghostly ledge

That will carry you

From here to there

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