There are people everyday with a variety of mental disorders doing very courageous things by any standard. Focus on your abilities. Strengthen them. Starve the nasty voices in your head that say you aren’t good enough and feed the voices that are cheering you on.

We all have that critical voice that seems to be against our growth. It sabotages our success before we even start. It is the voice that causes us to be irrationally on the defensive.

It’s good to listen to the voice from a neutral stance. We should pay attention and examine why we slipped into a bad mood all of the sudden. Or why we get upset when a song comes on or when certain phrases are uttered.

Only by knowing what our negative voice is whispering can we stop feeding it the reactions it craves. We can starve the voices.

Not only are you capable of great things you are capable of courageous things.

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