A few weeks ago I shared a post about a new series hitting YouTube titled How To Get Beat Up.  Each episode takes place in Winnipeg where “The Master”, a character played by Byron Hamel, goes to challenge real life martial artists.  It’s full of informative yet fun improvisational humor that is becoming a wonderful trademark of Byron’s journalistic style.

I highly recommend you watch the first two Episodes and leave a comment letting them know what you think.  More episodes will be rolled out each Thursday so be sure to SUBSCRIBE to the channel to get updates.  If you want to see more be sure to hit LIKE AND SHARE so they can continue making even more episodes.

I love this series because not only does Byron and his team love making people laugh they also love sharing the good and hard work that people are doing in their community.  Martial Arts is really good for the community.

My daughter practiced Kung Fu and reaped so many valuable lessons that went far beyond anything she learned physically.  It can teach them some great values as well as create a kind and strong character.  But one of the things I noticed my daughter learning was how to focus.  She has anxiety so focus is important.  She also learned far more about patience and confidence from her Sifu than she could have ever learned from me.  Discipline however… well… she is still working on that 🙂





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