Day 2

One thing I’ve learned about MY depression is that being sober and staying away from alcohol is a MUST.  Alcohol is a depressant. You may feel ok for a short (very short while) but it is short lived and then you are worse off than you were. The best thing I ever did for myself was to get sober.

Depression has it’s own voice. It is a very persuasive voice. It is too risky not to be sober when it starts whispering in your ear.

glass-2217664_960_720 (2) (1)

Let me fill
Your veins
Full of gasoline
Breath my toxic
Cherry Vodka
Breathe into your
Anxious thoughts
I’ll give you
The quiet
Your mind craves
My drinks are
Served silent
This alcohol will
Steal your words
After all you are
Fighting chains
Without keys
And you are tired
Tired of
Hiding tears and
Faking smiles of
This fading life

So go ahead ask
Ask me for one more
One more shot
And then lie back
Look at the sky
And observe your
Heart as it beats
Above the clouds
And watch as the
Lightning screams
Across the sky
Playing tag
With the stars
To your pain
Of how numb
To life you’ve become


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