I don’t feel like I am a negative person.

Do I get weighed down sometimes in all the shit I read and witness? Yes.

Do I let it keep me from trying to do good? No.

Do I try to stay positive even when the depths of Hell raise up and try to devour us in one big delicious bite? Yes I do.

Does my perspective get twisted sometimes? Do I get angry at the injustice? At the hatred? At the oversimplifications we seem to stand guard over? Yes I do.

Do I pray for better? Yes

Do I leave it with prayer and just expect God to make all the necessary changes? Hell No.
I see a lot wrong and obviously you have to be a somewhat positive person to try to tip the balance in this world.

It takes more than wanting better or praying for better.

It starts with paying attention to those growing up. It comes down to our kids. They really are the light we need… but if we don’t take that responsibility seriously they will be the reason we find ourselves in the dark.

Is it really that simple? Fuck no.

Raising kids is hard. Half the people I know had shit childhoods. Only a small percentage of those do the work they have to do to parent themselves because they had a shit childhood.

Bottom line…

We need to take our responsibilities seriously and do better.

You need to do better.

I need to do better.

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