When you are dead

You don’t care

That blemish

Just a blemish

Your weight

Just a number

The gossip

Just stories

The haters

Just puppets

When you are dead

The dreams

Are just movies

The hopes

Just a waste of time

The work

Just distraction

When you are dead

If you could wish

And you wouldn’t

But if you could

You would wish

That you had lived

Without all the worries

Responsible for killing you

9 thoughts on “WHEN YOU ARE DEAD

  1. I’m looking for the space between the waves, while the sun it came a little for today. But dark and stormy was on the changing tide, with brother wind gusting disgust through a longest night. Sand he waited, though shifted beneath a sea, as sounds clashed they’re inaudible, unspoken and just a little free.

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  2. Oh so true..so true. But I guess as long as we walk this earth..with our personalities..with our experiences and perceptions and insecurities..with all the good stuff too within us…worry is just another human experience 😉

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