I look out and see a meadow covered in fog.  It is as if the whole world is sad and the earth is listening.  My brain can relate.  Depression feels like that fog.  Drifting silent above the world.  Alone yet not.  An atmosphere confused and heavy.

But then the sun comes out and things begin to clear.  The air is less dense and things begin to have color again.  The sun, the atmosphere, the earth all part of our world.  You are my sun… eventually I feel your warmth and I am lighter.  Eventually I find clarity.



The haze drips words

Slow and melodious

It swirls in and out

Like frozen breath

Speaking phrases

Like icicle particles

Falling to the ground

It expresses sorrow

As the earth listens

A foggy discourse

Absorbed and recycled

When finally the sun smiles

Vaporizing the heavy

Grieving atmosphere

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