It’s nothing new

We will survive

Time and again in fact

Surviving is how we do

Our heart hits a snag

Sometimes scratched

Torn, shredded

Broken in two

Occasionally blown to bits

But the truth is

We will all die

With a broken heart

If we are lucky enough

To have battled love

7 thoughts on “TO BATTLE LOVE

  1. Hmmmm – battling love – thinking of the ballet, El Amor Brujo – Love The Magician – a dance. The sweet pain of heartbreak – “I lived with no other thought than to love and be loved by my beautiful Annabell Lee.” (Poe) – When we love we do open our hears to being broken, time and time again, and it is always worth the risk, even the certainty. – It is to be alive and present. Thanks again, Hasty.

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