I hate someone.

I am not proud of it. Hate is like a tick I can’t get rid of.  I don’t enjoy the feeling and I don’t like its all consuming nature.

I have tried forgiving this person I hate for her careless judgements and her senseless attacks but it’s hard.  It is hard because I run into her now and then.  Hard because people post pictures of her on fb.  It is hard because she makes comments on fb.

I know, it sounds petty, jealous, juvenile….because it is.  That is what hate does.  There is nothing pretty or redeeming at all about hate.  I hate H8 and everything about it, I hate how it feels, how it manipulates and how strong it can be.

I see hate surrounding the gay community, I see hate camping out at the voting polls, I see hate in rush hour traffic. It is everywhere and it is within all of us.  The only way to battle hate is to love so that is what I will do.  The epic battle to love when hate is so easy to do.

I wrote what you just read in 2012.  I don’t hate that person anymore.  I’ve thought about her over the years and perspective gifted me clarity.  I realized a lot of the hate I felt had to do with the injustice I felt.  She made me question my self worth and my value. The more I questioned myself the more I hated her.  The hate only went away when I stopped believing her truth as my truth.

I know hate.  And I know the power love has to destroy it.

215c62ac9f7d11e19dc71231380fe523_6In honor of my beautiful friend on #VeteransDay the picture below was what inspired this post back in 2012.  I love you Anthony!

There is hate inside of us

All of us

None of us are immune

Regardless of religion

Regardless of age

Of gender, race, or principles

It is ever present

And it is raging with hunger

For some of us it lies dormant

Lazy and weak

Overpowered by the love

We have received

But some of us were born into neglect

Into jealousy, into anger

Feeding the hate within us

This is what I am trying to say


The things you do

The things you say

It is the simple act of love

That starves the hate around us

Text someone good morning

Send them a video message

Remember to congratulate them

Or to wish them good luck

Like their status, their pictures, or blog

Buy them a drink

And when you feel you have nothing to give

Remember the power in a simple smile

Or give the most powerful things of all

Your arms, a hug, your listening ears

Loving someone else

Feeds your love as well.

15 thoughts on “BATTLEFIELD H8

  1. “I realized a lot of the hate I felt had to do with the injustice I felt.” Bam! This! It’s easy to say “forgiveness is for you, not them,” but actually DOING it is another thing entirely. It takes a conscious effort, everytime those feelings come up, to work through them until eventually, rejection of that knee jerk hate reaction is easy. I have felt the same way…namely with one of my exes. I hate him for how he treated me, but more for the idea that to this day, he never acknowledged it and likely treats other people the same way. It is a sense of helpless injustice. Why should he get to be happy when he is such a shit? Alas, I think the only way out is through. 😦

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  2. I understand this feeling all too well. Being hurt by people you love, then trying to forgive the unforgiven. I’ve been struggling with it for many years. A few months ago, I finally reached a point where I can honestly say I have forgiven, but now the question is: “How do I keep holding on to this forgiveness when this person is a part of your life, whether you want to or not?” It’s so hard! It’s a constant reminder of the pain you went through. It keeps it fresh. I agree that love is the answer. It’s not the easiest of the options (love vs. hate), but it will get you through it. One day at a time…
    Thanks for sharing your story!

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