Our relationship wouldn’t last long

I could see the end before it even began

I knew that truth even as I held out my hand

Your eyes were speaking volumes

Damaged they said

Handle with care they said

Your words carefully guarded

Small hesitant snippets here

Carefully thought out sentiments there

You need my help, nothing more

I had something you needed

I had something to give

Inevitably we will stand at the end

Saying thank you and you’re welcome

Thank you

For making me feel important

You’re welcome

Thank you for supporting me

So on it goes with every one I meet

But I can’t help but think

The transaction isn’t complete

I keep giving away valuable parts of me

I held on to a valuable part of you

During this time you needed me

I needed you too

I gave you a part of my heart

In exchange for a part of yours

And now that we have moved on

Building different lives in separate spaces

I think about those pieces of me

Still living and beating inside of you

After all this time I finally realize

And trust me it’s taken a lot of time

It’s in those small pieces

I remain connected to you

It’s in those small pieces

You remain connected to me

Because of those small pieces

You will be a different you

I will be a different me

Because of those small pieces

A better you

A better me

~Hasty 07/2012

2 thoughts on “IT’S IN THE PIECES

  1. Those first two lines… Ah. I didn’t say at the time, but I parted from someone the weekend after you asked me to write for this series… And I knew it was coming – had known from the beginning down to the date. And then the date was extended and it felt like a bonus. This poem is perfect – we really do leave pieces of ourselves with other people.

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