My #BeReal guest today is Mark Schutter

I have known Mark for over a year and he writes beautiful poetry. He even sent me a first verse once and we took turns writing this poem CEMETARY VISIONS.

Today he used his poetic skill to write about being real.  Thank you Mark for this submission.



I stare into the mirror and what do I see looking intently back at me?
There behind this mask, living inside I see the mysterious eyes, of an imposter who is me.
The eternal fight rages ever on to be who I was created to be.
The striking war thunders in my brain to be real and the truth only believe.

Could I be more than this mask I wear?
More than what I allow you and others to see?
I hide inside forcing smiles and veiled laughter.
So all must be well you believe, my hidden heart in tatters.

For behind this mask I stand and this is what you do not see;

> My heart is squeezed, by hands of cruelty.
> Laughing in my face, enjoying my misery.
> Telling me believable lies, cheating my destiny.
> My truth is easily stolen, abstracting my reality.

I am an unknown imposter behind this mask, which no one knows.
I am singularly who you want me to be behind this mask, which is all I show.
My life is carefully crafted behind this mask, life is a stage upon which I play.
Only being who you want me to be behind this mask, I silently scream and stay.

Struggling with doubts that it will end, that a day of reckoning will dawn.
When eternity seeks me and I will find, I gave my life to only be the devil’s ugly pawn.
A hope still lives that so much more is offered, to be real in truth by the one who is all love.
Turning my back on the promises, He has silently wept while watching from above.

It is too late to start anew, to emerge from the dark and find hope of renewed life?
To simply be real casting aside, the self-imposed chains of bondage that cause the strife.
The worldly deception is strong, it will never let go without a passionate fight.
For his grip on me and his will, can only be broken by love’s outrageous pure light.

My prayer to have him banished from the depths, from the dark places in my heart.
Shining through the cracks is a holy light, to shed this mask seems the best place to start.
I will fight the demons, this alien charlatan who lies and whose will is to rule.
I will stand firm and unafraid, vowing I will no longer be just an unwitting fool.

To live my life as who I was meant to be, to be authentic and real.
Loving him with heart, soul and mind, and to love others as myself is the deal.
When I discard this mask there is a destiny and a mission, a path that has been cleared for me.
I will rise on wings like a phoenix from the ashes, for I know now the imposter,
behind this mask is not me.

~Mark Schutter ©2015

PP 6.2015Bio –
Mark never thought he would be this old & have life just begin! He is discovering who he is as a follower of Jesus, husband, father, artist, writer of poems & stories, cyclist & a cowboy. He believes in the ‘ripple’ effect; that by sharing faith, love, art, nature & laughter a light will shine into the dark places and touch peoples hearts. #JustBelieve #HopeLives #GraceWins

Links –

Maleko’s Art (blog) > http://markschutter.com/

Mark Schutter – Artist (FB page) > https://www.facebook.com/MalekoArts

MWSchutter (twitter) > https://twitter.com/MWSchutter

Mark Schutter (google+) > https://plus.google.com/u/0/+MarkSchutter/posts

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