Love stayed home
Waiting for you
His doors left open
Flung wide for you
Given a loving space
Inside his heart
His mind, his soul
Welcome anytime baby
You can come and go
Wipe your feet please
Try not to make a mess
But if you do, well…
That’s ok too
He’ll clean it up for you
Some nights you stay
Curled up and sad
He comforts you
Soothing your bad
You can’t love him
Can’t even love yourself
So love gets twisted
And knotted
And tied and tied and tied
And love gets left hidden
Inside every poetic pause
And love gets left behind
Inside history that binds
You’ll leave him, hurting
Over and over and over
But it won’t matter to you
Because you’re broken
And you’ll break him too

8 thoughts on “WASTED HEART

  1. “Because you’re broken
    And you’ll break him too”

    This goes so well with my current WIP. Such a terrifying thing – our ability to drag others down with us, isn’t it?

    Liked by 1 person

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