Written by mcfcwolf and HastyWords

The noise was too loud inside my head
the sounds reverberated
like a dozen beat boys speaking street
My vein so punctured that the beat
of my heart was critically low
yet these sounds like stars at night
they show me which way to go
Who is this inside my head?
Fuck I don’t know
All I do know is that my mind
feels like a house party
full of strangers
leaving nothing but trash
Anxious thoughts and atrocious ideas
convince me I may be close to dead
then I re read
what I just wrote
then I tied the knot
and this rope
around my neck
stepped onto the back yard deck
where all these strangers
left empty broken bottles
And I hung those voices
until they were dead
And nothing but silence
remained inside my head
And nothing in my lungs
but sting and regret


12 thoughts on “BROKEN BOTTLES

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