I remember the pain of not being able to move past certain experiences.  It’s a hard one for many who have lived long enough to have accumulated some shit along the way.  I know so many people who go through things and for one reason or another just assume it’s a normal way of being.  They never even consider there could be a happier path or a healthier path.  Perhaps even an easier path.  They spend their whole lives fighting crap battles and wondering how come life is so hard…

Life is hard… But sometimes it doesn’t have to be so damn hard.

night-3084237__340 (1)

Feel the explosions
Carefully chosen
Artfully spoken
Creating commotion
Caught inside the flood
No place to run
No place to go
I’m blamed
You’re maimed
And our bodies
Torched and flamed
Give us this day
Our daily bread
As we break toast, burnt
And roast the ghosts
That laid siege to our wits
Don’t show emotion
Fits tied up
Holes in our hearts
Hey wha sup?
Feel like we’re dying
We’re ok yup!
Here we go yo
Fillin up our cup
From burdens
Woven from
Our own selfish

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