My #BeReal guest today is C. Streetlights.

This lady comes to the series via Rachel Thompson.  I am so grateful to find myself among such a wonderful community of writers.  

Today C. Streetlights has submitted this beautiful poem for the series. She is also being very real in that she has never showed her tattoo off like this before.  I think it’s beautiful !

Please take a moment to leave her your thoughts.

Carolina Lindsay Photography

               Carolina Lindsay Photography

Questions burn my endless strings of why.

Your body is a temple…

My body is a holy place,
to guard against evil like immodesty
and markers on my skin.
And yet,
Who guards the holy from the unholy?

Does the shrine invite raiders with
her laughter,
or lips?

Your body is a temple…

And I worship the house of my spirit.
protecting the light it holds in its hands
celebrating marks on my skin from babies
acknowledging scars gifted to me by Death
revealing the artwork I’ve long kept hidden.

My body is a temple…
it houses my soul, a spirit that refuses
to be broken
or tamed
to fit a mold
so others could be comfortable with their own pretenses.

My body is a temple.
Let my light so shine,
so survivors know
all are welcome here.

C.-StreetlightsAfter writing and illustrating her first bestseller in second grade, “The Lovely Unicorn”, C. Streetlights took twenty years to decide if she wanted to continue writing. In the time known as growing up she became a teacher, a wife, and mother. Retired from teaching, C. Streetlights now lives with her family in the mountains along with their dog that eats Kleenex. Her new memoir, Tea and Madness is now available.
You can follow C. Streetlights on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Goodreads.

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10 thoughts on “#BeReal – C. STREETLIGHTS

  1. I love this poem – I want to get to that stage of thinking one day. And the tat is awesome. And HEY *waves a big happy hello* I’m so happy to bump into you again, C.Streetlights, and I have to say, I love the way the tree looks a little like that bookmark you sent me 🙂 🙂


  2. For every tree, be a good tree, even those that wander far from once they came, to plant themselves among soil and rock, to take root, take hold and reach upwards, for much resides beneath their bark and within their leaves, a history and a future.


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