My #BeReal guest today is Karin Bole Tupper.

I am very excited to share Karin’s poetry with you today.  May we take a few risks and enjoy the life we have.

Thank you Karin for this amazing poem.

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Karin (The Eclectic Poet)
My Rebel Prayer

Think I’d rather risk a wrinkle
Than turn away from the sun

Indian, Thai and fajitas are why
Someone invented tums

I’ve yet to see a gal get a medal
For avoiding MAC and Revlon

Au naturel hair or organic
Doesn’t make you a better person

Just say “No” to crocs and ‘stocks
Why give up Converse and heels

And a minivan equals relaxed fit
Remember how a ’79 Berlinetta feels?

I adore you Mozart and Vivaldi
Right next to Triumph and Ramones

Taking ASA, my Gals and dancing
Is stil the best cure for the ache in my bones

May I never say no to another go
On the dizzy rollercoaster of love

Or be too frightened or jaded
To know it’s a gift from above

“What will you do when you’re MY age”?
May those words never pass my lips

Never let me look at someone else’s life
And utter a judgemental “Tsk tsk”

I’ve yet to see any rules or books
About how to grow up gracelfully

My only rule is for myself
And that’s: Never stop being “ME”!

© kei 9 July 2015

Photo on 2013-07-31 at 1#2BIO:

Karin Bole Tupper currently works at Health Canada, First Nations and Inuit Health Branch. Her writing is focused primarily on poetry and short stories. The often fact-based fiction that she pens encompasses romance, parody, loss, family and relationships, with a demonstrated flair for the descriptive. Karin lives in Canada’s Capital, surrounded by family and friends; too much yarn and not enough books.

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All opinions welcome – it’s about being real, after all!

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And remember – be YOU! #BeReal.

7 thoughts on “#BeReal – KARIN BOLE TUPPER

  1. Reblogged this on The Eclectic Poet and commented:
    This was really fun and a positive message. I was featured in a guest post at HastyWords blog on WordPress as part of her push to further the #BeReal campaign.
    If you click through, you can read my off-the-cuff and of course, nose-thumbing poem about keeping it real, “My Rebel Prayer”.


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