Lizzi wrote a beautifully wonderful poem HERE and she inspired me to pick a metaphor and write my own.  Hope you like ❤


I stretched out long
For the summer sun
Absorbing its heat
Until I was empty
Nothing left to give
I remained silent
Weighed down
By sharp stones
And left with
Broken limbs
Forgotten and
Wholly overgrown
Until you came
And shielded me
From the torment
Of his desert stare
I felt you soft
Your sound dripping
Onto my dusty flesh
Your presence
Soaking deeper
Quenching my thirst
Mmmmm please
Fall into my bed
Because I love
Feeling you flow
Through my curves
Around my bends
Filling me so full
I can feel you
Caressing my shores
Until finally
The waves of you
Crash into me
And overflow
Hard boundaries
We can’t control
And I become
The foundation
Over which
Your love flows

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