I originally posted this poem on facebook. Did you know I have a facebook page?  Sometimes I will post poetry straight to the page and I love it when people comment with their own stanzas or lines in return.  Every now and then they make it here along with the comments like today!


I posted this poem and Lizzi posted the second half in response.  She also sent me a recording of it which I insisted she let me share since her voice is… AMAZING.


Nothing but space
Time stalled, floating
Inside black holes
Of random thought
Highways littered
With nonsense lines
And mountain peaks
Dusted with stars
Looking for ways
To shake us from
These paper chains
We’ve cut and glued
And pasted our
Memories upon

And as time goes by
The memories gone
Black holes fade
To cuts in paper
Turned to snowflakes
Falling again, to top
The star-strewn mountains
There we lie
Our thoughts in flux
Our paper-chain constraints
Gradually dissolve
In purifying snow

14 thoughts on “PAPER CHAINS

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  2. Reblogged this on Sean Bidd and commented:
    I can remember a time when people would mail poems back and forth between one another. These days it happens so much faster, and coupled with audio like “Paper Chains” below is, perhaps thoughts of a single one of a kind pressed record or perhaps a cut wax cylinder with a voice from a faraway land coming to life in a room her feet have never set foot inside. Happens so much faster these days…


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