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My own mind

Being totally irrelevant

Depression may not scare you but it scares me

I worry there will be more of it someday than of me

It tells me, quite convincingly, everyone would be better off

Better off without me… and my love doesn’t matter

If my body wasn’t so automatic in function I wouldn’t even will myself to breathe

My heart literally wants to stop beating but it continues regardless of my will

As I am writing this an elderly lady just visited and brought peach pie

The act of kindness wasn’t even for me

But the beauty of the gesture reduced me to tears

I am embarrassed but grateful I can still feel

And then I think of my daughter

I hate depression

For trying

To kill


22 thoughts on “I FEAR ME

  1. ifinn there would be only one wish i could have…. It would be to release from depression, so that you could enjoy life everlast….


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  6. I ended up creating a Dr. Who fan fiction crossover mess using this prompt and a few others. If you think it might be fun to read such a fan fiction Frankenstein monster, please feel free.

    I really resonate with your poem. I have suffered from sometimes very debilitating depression during my life. I’m sorry anyone else has to feel the way I so often do, but I’m always glad to find writing by other people who have the temerity to tell it like it is and not try to sugar-coat it. Every member of the blogging team I’m part of has some form of mental illness. Sometimes creativity is the only thing that gets us through.


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