Part of my 31 days of horror.  Please write something creepy and link to the comments below.

IMG_7620 copy

I’m perfect, perfectly fine!

Oh, my eyes are red?

Yea, I danced with demons last night.

Smile, giggle, laugh…

Oh, how did I burn myself?

Yea, well you see I visited hell last night

Smile, giggle, laugh…

Oh, how did I get those wounds?

Yea, Well you see Mr. Inquisitive

While dancing with demons

I infiltrated the dark abyss

The place where depression lives

And deep inside my exhausted mind

I found the very depths of hell

Where I got wounded

Battling the demons waltzing in my head

Slaying the dragons antagonizing me

So yea… smile, giggle, laugh…

I’m perfect, perfectly fine!


  1. You’ve slayed me with this one – the call and response works very well in this. The most striking image to me is the dancing demons, malevolent yet playful in their intentions. Also I’ve never thought of fantasy metaphors in a poem like this – another keeper to draw inspiration from.


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