Written by TwinDaddy and HastyWords


Goosebumps spread across the surface

Sending chills up and down my spine

As his fingers walked themselves

Along the bare nakedness of my back


She moaned softly with pleasure

A heavy breath escaped her mouth

I could feel her body tremble

While my fingers danced nimbly upon her


Music played in the background

Soft and calming, as was he

I knew our time was limited and

only his fingerprints would remain


I worked harder and harder

Every square inch of bare skin

Received undivided attention

We began to perspire


The ticking of the clock grew louder

Deafening as time began to scream

These were the moments we conspired

The precious rare moments we could glean


The hands on the clock were now perfectly aligned

Our fleeting time now at an end

She will consume my thoughts, as always

Until we meet here again



14 thoughts on “PASSIONATE HANDS

  1. I really like this poem…. Wow is it my reading or have you found new inspiration and life for your poetry. The poems seem so much different than when we first encountered… Once again great poem this my opinion truly wonderful…


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