Written by Eric Keys and HastyWords
He bought her a bouquet of blood red roses
Hidden in the greenery glinted stainless steel
Before the night was through, it was planned
Knives piercing, intensifying how they feel
There was no turning back, heels dug in
True love always a mortal tragedy so real
Humans never understand, falling prey
To the romantic journey demons feel
She watched astonished as the knife pierced her gut
In and out, in and out, the ritual had begun
Memories came flooding back, not hers
But theirs, of lives hidden by eons on the run
She watched the blood drain from her
Saw the weird, familiar glint in his eyes
She had met him several times in the nights before
And this look was one of pleasure, demonic love
“Does it always hurt so fucking much?” she asked
“It hurts me more than it hurts you,” he replied
“You’re not answering the question glorious demon”
“The question is your answer my dear” he smiled
She turned to look at her husband, children hiding behind him
Blood choking up out of her mouth instead of words
Their faces showed their pain, their horror stricken shock
He was going to leave her, but now she will have won
“I’m sorry, sir,” he said as his voice consumed hers
“You’ve been caught in a cosmic drama
No fault of your own” the most nonchalant response
The demon had romanced her fully, leaving with her soul


  1. wowzers. what a wonderful story – an interesting and powerful way to describe addiction and it’s eventual destruction. This is how I interpreted it. 🙂 Awesome.


    • Thanks! This is my first collaboration with Ms. H and I certainly appreciate the feedback. I’m wondering why you associate this poem with addiction. Not that it is necessarily wrong to do so, it just wasn’t exactly what I had in mind.


      • Hi there – first off, let me say that I love this piece. I actually saw quite a few ‘angles’, really but addiction is what stood out the most. I have heard ‘demon’ as being the personification of addiction – i see a women who was ‘romanced by an addiction which inevitably destroyed her – all the while her husband and children watching helplessly, unable to save her from her ultimate demise – death. Also, i recently saw the movie Interview with a Vampire – on tv – and so then, with this in mind, I could see a sort of dreamlike romantic liaison of sorts with some good looking demon dude. 🙂


        • That is a really interesting take on this. I think sometimes the words you write take on a life of their own and become meaningful to different people in different ways.


          • this is so true – and in my opinion, this is what makes a really great piece of writing! it stimulates the imagination and connects to a person’s individual thoughts, ideas, experiences. If you do not mind me asking – what was your intended meaning while writing this?


        • you are right! i should have seen that – especially since i got’s it – aha – just goes to show that what should be obvious to someone is not always so:)


          • I think I had something more abstract in mind. My vision was of the basic hostility and/or indifference held for humanity by the forces that seem to run the universe.

            The husband and children – they do not ask to be caught up in this recurring drama and the drama goes on without any concern for them. The demon shows them a kindness by even acknowledging their existence and taking the time to explain their lack of responsibility.

            It is about the greatest degree of compassion I think we can expect from these principles – the alleviation of guilt for the horrors we must endure.

            But, as I’ve said in another comment, the words take on a life of their own. Neither my interpretation or Ms H’s interpretation have a final authority.


  2. Reblogged this on erickeys and commented:
    Ms. Hasty Words and I collaborated on a poem. I like how it came out but I’m not objective. Why not head over to her site and let me know what you think.


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