This new duet partner has some mad skills.  I wrote just four lines and he re wrote into this beautiful poem!
Written by Mr Mary and HastyWords

approaching his End
like fools their Folly,
the outlines of final
thoughts take shape on
a blank canvas.
Creativity’s still flowing
through the tired fingertips,
but … the magic colors of
her canvas-world are ornamented
now with imaginary strokes
and the fantasy
he carefully paints
assumes the form
of her mad reality

13 thoughts on “CANVAS WORLD

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  2. I concur with the commenters above. Beautiful poem.

    I hope you get to collaborate with MrMary again. I’ve been a true follower of his and the guy really possesses depth and a brilliant mind.


    • It’s a pleasure to know that. I admit to not having an innate inclination for this wonderful art, but I can evolve – as a reader who appreciates poetry. So I have bookmarked this site and am looking forward to the fulfillment of my wish :-). I like and follow Sean Bidd, too, with whom you also collaborated in the past.
      I am of the opinion that you are a natural poet and a talented one.
      Warm Regards to you.


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