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Written by Kimmie Easley and HastyWords

I tied the anger in ribbons, silky red

Hid it in a trunk, kissed it goodnight

I tucked it in each night, held it tight

Protecting me, helping me put up a fight


Like a safety blanket

The pain was almost comforting with each passing day

As I sat, scarred and chained, watching you slip further away

The ribbons now dirty and frayed


I was unraveling, getting knotted

Angry visions blinding logical threads

I called for you when I needed you most

But you hid, you were nowhere in sight


Like a vapor you soon cease to exist

Allowing your absence to cut like a dull knife

Ripping, tearing, leaving me raw and exposed

Doing whatever necessary to numb the pain


Addicted to all the wrong things, just to forget you

I let the torment keep me company, my only friend

I try to save myself and live a life without you 

But the ribbons that I hide so well, they prevent me


Thoughts of you consume my every breath

Splintering me to the core

Shattered and lifeless, lying in a heap

Left fractured and gasping for more


Once alive and living without a care

I have been reduced to this, a carcass

A living puppet alive only when you direct me

Left crumpled when you’ve tired of me


Used and thrown away, cheapened

I have nothing left to offer

Once thought valuable

Now void and worthless


9 thoughts on “ANGRY RIBBONS

  1. Painful and angry words in the poem. I like the honest emotions and thoughts in this poem. I had to read again. Anger lead us to bad places and thoughts. Thank you for sharing the excellent poetry.


  2. I’m beginning to see that rhyming doesn’t make difference, I have been reading a lot more of other… People have their own style unique to each…


  3. Hey Hasty look what on the computer in my morning Breakfast post on… funny how it worked out that way, truly I didn’t plan it, just not that swift..


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