Written by TwinDaddy and HastyWords

As I brought my lips close to you

I spoke quiet words to seduce you

I could see a spark of knowledge

Register in your eyes, hope

That lingered dormant

Wishes that you let die

Alive again inside my whisper

My breath your loving savior


My blood pumps faster

Desire envelopes me

My mind in stark contrast

“Wait,” it whispered softly

You’re too broken and shattered

You’re no good for anyone

Reluctantly I withdraw into my shell

Where I can burn, alone, inside my hell


For a moment I felt our chemistry

Strong and full of electricity

But then a darkness came over you

And I lost every connection I had

I leaned in closer to search your face

And got your attention with my smile

“Leave your voices and come with me!”

I made a promise he wouldn’t regret


She relentlessly persisted

Further and further I plunged

Her alluring words caressed my ears

Shielded by my thickening walls

My deceitfully brutal mind convincing

She is weaving a web of lies

Her true intentions remain disguised

How could anyone want what remains of me?


It was painfully clear to see, trust imprisoned

Locked protected inside a vault, I let my smile fade

So he could see the sorrow I had in me

I pressed my lips to his and let my tears fall

I needed him to see me, to feel our connection

The truth was in my kiss, a gift from me to him

That no matter who has loved him in the past

Those lessons make him capable of so much more


A tear fell gracefully from her eye

She passionately kissed me once more

Passion fell before a solid barrier

Repulsed by my now rigid heart

Drowning helplessly in sorrow

Feeling grimly satisfied that I’ve avoided

Any chance at having my poor broken heart

From being mercilessly shattered again

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