A new duet with a beautiful friend I met at DFWCON  Please visit her website and get to know her here!


Written by Veena Kashyap and HastyWords

Hold on to me as I lose control

My mind has turned against me

You are my only hope of sanity

Hold me together as I fall apart

Hold me in your arms

Mend me with your heart


For if you let go

My heart will be battered

My mind will be shattered

I will fall away

Into a dark abyss, an eternal hell

So save me, save me from this

Hold on tight before my life becomes a miss


Despair lingers on a razors edge

Teetering without any kind of fear

Its voice forcefully adamant

Domineering and full of rage

I can hear your attempts to find me

But they are soft and far away

I’m hidden inside my fleshy cage


The cage has held me for far too long

If you won’t come, I will have to find my way on my own

Alone seems like a scary place

But I resolve to walk the path

I won’t let the voices pull me back

No, I will stay my ground, I will not let you deprive me

Of a better choice, the life that lives inside me

3 thoughts on “THE LIFE INSIDE ME

  1. A powerful poem. I like the honest thoughts in the poem. I did like the ending. All life is important. Thank you for sharing the excellent poem. A great combination of two writers thoughts in the poem.


  2. A powerful poem. Two writers create a poem to open the the door to thoughts and question. I did like the ending. All life is precious. Thank you for sharing the excellent poetry.


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