As the sky slowly opens its arms

I embrace the love that it spreads

The clouds look like they are narrating

A tale that will move the parts of me

Which I never even knew were mine


Floating like angels, watching celestially

I lie in the grass and let them sing to me

Healing my spirit and my splintered mind

The beauty in their randomness speak

Volumes of wisdom into my lonely heart


The vast sky slowly covers up

All the thoughts that cloud my brain

A wave of love sweeps over me

As the falling raindrops quenches the thirst

That has been burning hard forever in me


Life a gift the sky continually renews within

Keeping me from living among the dullest grey

I feel my insides being colored with pastels

Helping my eyesight paint the boldest hues

Never blind to its majesty, I am thankful, it’s true


From nature we are born, to nature we return

With this truth to guide me, I bask in the sun

The moon will glow and send its warmth

My soul once again sparkles with so much love


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