A new duet partner….this one came together fast and effortless….check out his site I think it is wonderful.


Written by Hughie Gibson and HastyWords 

I found you watching me

With eyes filled with want

They caught my attention

And I felt myself trapped

Inside your masculine force


Your feminine was wild

And a beauty unmatched

Curvy, delectable, All the right places

moved in all the right ways

But it was your smile that drew me in


I found myself needing

Whatever it was I saw

The tantalizing truth was

In the poison fruit you held

A beautiful risk I was going to taste


Across that room of great expanse

Stood beauty that Helen would envy

A goddess of allure with gravity pulling

However a golden ring of promise

held me bound to moralities seat


We never met, we never spoke

But we lived beautiful lifetimes

Just sitting across this expanse

We sat growing old together

If only on each others eye


A moment lasted a lifetime

Memories tap a smiling dance

Aphrodite was within reach

Her presence will live within me forever

Bouncing in and out of conscience mind

8 thoughts on “LOVING APHRODITE

  1. Easy for you or for the other, I’m about as sick as you… I’m also beginning to wonder, no lets not go there… I love the poem flows loving water….


    • The honest thought, would have to be is your life moving in the direction deem satisfactory? Now you got to know I hated to say that… If were you i would look at where the thought came from a delusional perverted drug addict…. Cheers


      • So true, so true! I was read why does freshly press depress thee? I never go there I don’t often go to the reader, those comment or like are the people, which interest me, along with my unlike of bible pushers, I say they are tougher than drug pushers….


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