I saw Yousef and his mom last night. Two of the most beautiful people I know…like for REAL. This was one of the most emotional pieces I ever felt moved to write and it still makes me cry. Even though it has been some time since he passed away I still think about this period of time.  The love they shared…they were both present for his last breath…lovingly…with the most tender hearts…letting each other go.  It still touches me and will forever.

This is the love I have for my daughter!  Completely unconditional….A Corinthians Kind of Love!


This is why I blog.  To write my feelings and my stories.  Somewhere along the way people started reading…some started listening.  I am grateful to be able to just write what I feel and that’s enough.

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I came across a very well-worn teddy bear the other day.  An eye was missing, stuffing was exposed, and something had been spilled on it matting its hair.  I started to wonder what in the heck had this poor bear been through to end up so battered but I was sidetracked before I gave him another thought.  I remembered the  bear this morning.  I was looking through pictures on Instagram and came across a post from one of my friends, Yousef.  It was this picture of his mom and dad.  The picture reminded me of a well-worn teddy bear being held comfortably in the arms of a very loving little girl.  For me, the picture was the epitome of love.  The picture could represent so many different things depending on the person seeing it but for me I saw beauty amidst the pain.

Appreciative love gazes and holds its…

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