I sit most of my day Looking at you I’m dependent on you The only person That cares about you You hold so much info I’d be totally lost Completely confused Up a muddy creek If anything happened To the intelligence You possess You hold the lock And I literally Hold the key


Steps were heavy Growing heavier Taking more effort Making her slower A shaking began More of a tremor With each footfall Was a tidal wave Of fluid motion Her years kept her Clung to her bones And held her tight She was caught Underneath gravity Sink ing deeper Into the ground Becoming The ground


Please welcome Lindsay Fischer to #BeReal. On Reinvention, Releasing Reality and Whole-Hearted Living I’ve never felt more alive than the day I decided to take the screen off and be myself, releasing stuck pieces of reality from the filter used as my defense and watching the withheld, eager remnants descend in the very first pour.…


Please welcome my #BeReal Relationships guest today, Amanda Eifert.   It was along time before I had my first ‘real’ relationship. I went on Plenty Of a Fish, a dating site, because my friend had met her husband there. My now ex-boyfriend, was not like the other men I talked to on the site. He…


Please welcome my #BeReal Relationships guest today, Craig Spence.   Reality is changing. Folks, I have a confession to make: For the last little while, meaning since about this time last year, I’ve neglected to mention a tiny piece of information. Not so much an out-and-out lie, more one of omission, but a lie still…