Written by Not Quite Alice and HastyWords


Don’t worry…there is no cure

No plan…no safe place to run

My mind is rejecting my sanity

A story with no happy ending


How can I make this right?

Can I go on?

Standing on the ledge

And the safety net is gone


He keeps knocking on my door

Handsome and creative wanting me

But I can see the evil in his eyes

Tempting me to lose myself; insanity


No, I must stay strong

Don’t glance, don’t peek

You can do this

Just say those words


Though the mantra is soft

It is steady and strong

Over and over I speak

Until into my brain it seeps


Breathe in, Breathe out

The evil shall be defeated

Looking into your eyes,

I know just what to say


Looking into your eyes

The words are on display

The darkness fades away

And peace comes out to play

13 thoughts on “JUST BREATH

  1. Oooohhh… dark and mysterious… I like the way the picture works with the words. The picture looks like you might be doing something dark and mysterious… or cleaning out a barn with your bare hands.


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