I nearly forgot I did this duet with Too Full To Write! 

A silly one we did just for fun!


Written by Too Full To Write and HastyWords

You snore too loud in bed
A chainsaw to wake up the dead
I’ve heard bulldozers more melodious
But I still love you all the same

The way you chew your food
Seriously gets on my nerves
A cow chomps more gracefully
But I still love you all the same

Do you really have to slam that door
Hard enough to put my teeth on edge
I think that time, it came off the hinges
But I still love you all the same

OMG turn the volume down
The neighbors can hear you sing
I know the shower has cool echoes
But, sheesh I still love you all the same

You’re always a couple minutes late
Unless there’s some food on the table
You bolt to it faster than the Grand National
But I still love you all the same

Pacing, pacing, pacing back and forth
Back and forth, up and down, fidgety
Calm down, relax, you are driving me crazy
But I still love you all the same

Your perfect imperfections
Seem to be never ending
But as long as our love endures
I won’t be doing any jail time
Not over your scattered toenail clippings
But still…….grrrrrrrrrrr!


  1. Sweet. I hope you feel safe and loved… because you are going to need it… also, we still have to do a funny science fiction poem… but not yet… oh no… I am busy… with stuff… like revenge!


  2. rofl! Often felt exactly this way with my late husband! Now, I wish I’d loved him more! Enjoy his perfect imperfections while you can (and secretely gather the largest, sharpest toenail clippings and put the on the bare floor, points up, where you know he will tred with his bare feet – you never know – could just break an oh-so-yuk habit)! 🙂


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